Testimonials & Recommendations

The unique experience I have in the HEOR & Market Access market and the good reputation which I have worked hard to earn during more than 12 years in this sector are what sets me apart from my competitors.

Candidate Recommendations:

"Gareth's extensive experience and knowledge of the Market Access and HEOR industry enabled him to position me to potential employers precisely, given my set of skills. Moreover, every role presented by Gareth was tailored to my own interests. His ability to balance client and employer expectations is also exceptional and his interpersonal skills made me feel continuously assured throughout the negotiation process. I cannot recommend Gareth enough to any fellow Health Economists seeking recruitment. Gareth is, truly, a top-tier recruiter!"

"Throughout the entire process, Gareth was never anything other than prompt, courteous and helpful - not necessarily common traits in his profession!"

"Gareth is unique among the recruiters with whom I have worked: He successfully holds both the interest of the company and that of the candidate in his mind at all times.”

“Gareth made what should have been a stressful and nerve-wracking process into a straightforward and smooth one. He managed to get the process off the ground while I was initially living on the other side of the world which required dedication, excellent communication skills, and expert knowledge and experience of the industry to understand where my background and experience might best be suited. I can't thank Gareth enough for his advice."

“I had some very specific requests about the type of the potential employer and the type of role I was looking for. I enjoyed working with Gareth because he took a personalised approach which I found was not very common practice."

“Gareth is the first recruitment agent that I have encountered who had a real understanding of the role that his client wished to fill, and my skills as a potential employee for that client.”

“A genuine, honest and considerate recruiter whose integrity is second to none. A+++”

Company recommendations:

"In developing a new Research and Development team within our charity we were recruiting a Health Economist for the first time. We wanted someone with both sector knowledge and technical skills, who could also play an active role in shaping the new team. Gareth listened and understood the kind of skills required. He was generous with his time, thought carefully about his contacts and introduced us to someone with exactly the skills, experience and personality we needed. Without him we’d have never found such a brilliant candidate. Thank you so much!"

“As an owner of a small but fast-growing HEOR start-up, I was landed with more work than we were able to deliver. Without being to hire quickly there was no way I would be able to continue growing the business while continuing to meet client demand. Fortunately, I was able to reach out to Gareth who immediately understood my needs, started work immediately and managed to find me, somebody, even better than I was expecting (and within my budget). The business continues to grow, thanks in no small part to Gareth. I would recommend Gareth to anybody looking for highly qualified HEOR professionals!”

"Gareth was very proactive from the moment we briefed him on the role and came up with an excellent selection of candidates in a very short period of time. He was personable and responsive during the recruitment process. We will definitely use him in the future."

"Having worked with Gareth and hired two senior staff members with his help I can testify to Gareth's ability to interpret the client's exact requirements. Alongside this he maintains a good level of contact and professionalism at all stages during the recruitment process."

“Thank you for your assistance and excellent service with the recruitment within my Team. You were professional, courteous and friendly, you kept to the brief and only sent through CVs that were truly suitable, you kept me fully informed at all times and my ad hoc queries were answered promptly and fully. Feedback from candidates was communicated quickly and comprehensively and really helped me optimise my expectations. The candidates I interviewed were fully briefed by you and most of all you were honest and open at all times"

“I’ve worked with Gareth for over 10 years and my experience has always been second to none. Gareth provides a seamless approach to identifying suitable candidates within the Market Access and HEOR space. He brings a very powerful network to the table allowing companies to quickly identify candidates that may be suitable and I have trusted Gareth to manage recruitment for a very senior hire within our Global team. He’s always a pleasure to work with, provides sound business advice in relation to recruitment and has a deep knowledge of the people in our specialist market.”

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