About Us

If you are an employer: Working with a Recruiter should save you time, make the hiring process easier and attract excellent, talented professionals to your company who will add value to your business.
For candidates: Recruiters should offer you expert industry advice, honest answers about jobs / employers and make the application, interviewing and offer / resignation handling process easier.
I know it doesn’t always work like this!

Working with me is different to working
with a recruitment agency:

As an independent recruiter I have the freedom to work closely with companies and individuals in a more consultative way:

I am not managed by sales targets and KPI’s (such as how many CVs I send out per week or how many interviews I arrange) so my advice and searches are based solely on finding the best people and making the Recruitment process easier.

I am proud of the way I work and I genuinely believe I offer a standard of service which exceeds that of my competitors.

I also have a degree in Economics and have been recruiting for Health Economics (HEOR), Market Access and Pricing/Reimbursement professionals for almost 15 years – I am one of the most experienced recruiters in our sector.

I do more than just find great people for HEOR & Market Access positions:

I design and deliver bespoke Market Intelligence, Competitor Analysis & Recruitment / Retention Advisory services to enable my clients to differentiate themselves from their competition, attract the best candidates and crucially, retain their best team members.

Contact me to discuss how I can help you to build and retain the best HEOR / Market Access team for the future.

Why work with me?

My USP is the unique experience and reputation I have gained since 2009 having worked with Pharma, Biotech, MedTech & Consultancy companies around the world. During this time I have developed an unrivalled global network and a detailed understanding of why people change jobs, what attracts candidates and how good companies can create positive, inspiring environments to retain their team members.

Working independently enables me to focus on delivering a personalised, quality service to my clients – based on finding the right people and giving constructive, current market intelligence to my clients to build long term relationships.

Whilst many Recruiters focus on the size of their network and the number of candidates in their database, what is actually important is how responsive those candidates are when a new position becomes available. Many of the candidates in my network are not in regular contact with other Recruiters and the trust I have developed with people around the world enables me to offer a genuinely different candidate network for my clients' vacancies.

I pride myself on offering a more personal and bespoke service than traditional recruitment agencies and I am proud of the way I work. Contact me today to find out how I can help you.