June 10, 2024

If you want to hire interesting, well trained, enthusiastic and innovative team members, it is vital that your job description reflects this.

Job descriptions are very often copied, pasted and recycled for years with few updates and changes. Often they are presented as a very bland list of duties, responsibilities and requirements which do not reflect the specific needs of the organisation and which fail to give any indication of what makes the company unique, interesting and appealing or answer the question at the top of every candidate's mind – is this job right for me?

Candidates usually want to see a job description before they apply for a job, they want more than the sales pitch of a Recruiter or a short LinkedIn advert to work from and a well-written job description sets a very positive tone.

If the job description provides a detailed and accurate description of the working environment and the opportunity it presents for the individual then it is far more likely to attract the best applicants.

Taking some time at the start of the recruitment process to create a genuinely unique and interesting job description will save time later on.

Now for the sales pitch ...

I can help write your job description - If you are looking to recruit in the HEOR / Market Access sector, I can support you in writing a modern, engaging job description which goes beyond simply listing the expected duties of the role.

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