Recruitment as it should be…

Working with a Recruiter should save you time, make the search and selection process easier and attract talented professionals to your company who will add value to your business. I know it doesn’t always work like that.

However – Not all recruiters are the same….

I have been recruiting for Health Economics (HEOR), Market Access and Pricing / Reimbursement professionals since 2009 and I am one of the most experienced recruiters in the sector.

However, after working in traditional Agency environments for over 5 years, I realised that Recruitment for this niche area could be done in a better way and I started working as an independent Recruiter in 2015.

Working with me is different to working with a recruitment agency…

Why work with me?

My USP is the unique experience and reputation I have gained since 2009 having worked with Pharma, Biotech & Consultancy companies around the world and I have built up an unrivalled network of industry professionals within the HEOR & Market Access sector.

Whilst many Recruiters focus on the size of their network and the number of candidates in their database, what is actually important is how responsive those candidates are to the Recruiter when a new position becomes available. Many of the candidates in my network are not in contact with other Recruiters; the long-term relationships and trust I have developed with people around the world enables me to offer a genuinely different candidate network for my clients' vacancies.

I pride myself on offering a more personal and bespoke service than traditional recruitment agencies are able to and I am proud of the way I work which I believe offers a standard of service which exceeds that of my competitors.

  • In addition to maintaining a very large network covering many countries and traversing all career levels from exceptional graduates through to Manager, Director, VP and CEO candidates, I utilise various advertising mediums, manage continuing proactive social media campaigns and attend industry conferences and networking events to ensure that my network continues to grow and reach the best candidates in the industry.
  • I have known many of the candidates I work with for a number of years and have a more detailed understanding of their career paths and skills than most recruiters can offer.

Contact me today for a confidential discussion about how I can assist you with recruitment for your team or in advancing your career, I look forward to hearing from you.

T: +44 (0)7979 068 880 E:​ Twitter: @GjleeRec